The Zen and Happiness of Bird Photography

Mallard – Chicago

Bird photography brings zen

For many people, looking at bird photography brings a smile to their face. In the age of social media, scrolling through your newsfeed and coming across a beautiful bird photograph can instantly bring relaxation to the mind – usually photos that are especially colorful!

For me, bird photography is my way of meditating and it keeps giving back. After I am done taking a picture, I often do what I should not do, and that is to look at those pictures on the back of my camera. I know I should not do that because I am likely missing other photo opportunities at that moment, but looking at the photos truly brings me pleasure. But fortunately, this is not a business for me, but pure enjoyment. I feel excited and relaxed simultaneously. Taking and seeing a photo of a gorgeous bird gives me a sense of peace. 

Marsh Wren – Indiana Dunes

Bird photography allows you to escape

I know I am not the only person the beauty of birds has had an impact on. I have seen a pattern with many of my social media followers who interact with my posts, they enjoy photographs of beautiful birds in a vibrant setting. These pictures offer a way to escape the everyday mundane things in life. I am fortunate to be able to travel the world to see these birds, and many people receive enjoyment from seeing birds and interesting places they may not otherwise get the chance to visit.

Sword-billed Hummingbird – Owlet Lodge

The colors of the most exotic and tropical birds can brighten a dreary day or trigger the imagination to run wild with ideas of traveling to a new place. Even if you cannot travel to an exotic South American country, seeing a beautiful photo can bring it to life in your mind the same way reading a fiction novel can.

Bird photography brings happiness

Common yellowthroat (female) – Indiana dunes

The beauty of birds is not the only thing that has been proven to lift spirits. There is much anecdotal evidence to show that bird songs can help people relax physically, and at the same time, increase cognitive function. They can increase focus and productivity, and even put anxiety at ease during medical treatments. Birds are truly amazing. After all these years of appreciating gorgeous birds for their looks and charm, I have come to a new appreciation for their incredible abilities to survive and to also help humans thrive. You don’t need to have a caged bird as a pet for it to bring you happiness. Rather, listening to some lovely bird songs can help put you in the right frame of mind. This is a good explanation as to why some spas have nature sounds and bird calls playing while you get a massage!

Cape May Warbler – North Pond

In today’s turbulent climate where the stresses of COVID-19 are abundant we all need an escape – some zen and happiness where it may be hard to come by. Let birds take you to a place in your mind where you can receive rest and relaxation.