Indiana Dunes National Park – Indiana, USA


The Indiana Dunes National Park is located in Porter, Indiana. It runs along 15 miles of the southern shore of Lake Michigan, and its trails cover 45 miles of dunes, wetlands, prairies, rivers, and forests. It has been named the 61st national park in the United States. This park is highly focused on wildlife and habitat conservation of the area. Within the park are three State Nature Preserves. The park has unique natural processes taking place on its grounds that do not happen anywhere else on earth on the same scale – the lake takes sand from its east and west sides, and creates 250 foot high dunes out of it. As a result, there are many long dunes that are separated by marshes. The unique habitat is an attraction for migratory birds (making it an amazing place for birding) and is even home to some rare plants. There are actually more than 1,100 native plants here. Speaking of birding, there are at least 350 species of birds at the Dunes to be seen. The diverse habitats all across the land are an attraction for birds that live on all types of land. Here you can see some more common birds like sparrows of all kinds (like the Chipping Sparrow and House Sparrow), the House Finch, and the House Wren. But you can also see some other more intriguing, colorful birds – such as the Northern Cardinal, Blue Jay, Indigo Bunting, and American Goldfinch. Owen has been photographing birds in the Indiana Dunes area from 2018 to the present and is even creating a bird sanctuary within his home there.

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