I began to photograph birds solely because of their beauty and for my own pleasure, but I quickly realized that the world’s bird populations were decreasing at an alarming rate. With many species becoming extinct and countless others threatened with extinction, I felt the urgency to protect them in what became clear to me had become an increasingly dangerous world, not only for birds but other animals as well. Birds play a critical role in our ecosystems and also bring us an enormous amount of pleasure as we watch them in flight and observe their elusive, sometimes mindboggling beauty. According to BirdLife International, 680+ species are considered endangered today, among them some of the most exquisitely beautiful and resourceful creatures known to man. It is my hope that by traveling through the world, photographing birds, and sharing my photographs with as many people possible, bird lovers and just lovers of beauty alike, that I might be able to increase support for conservation. In effect, my hope is to help in the world’s conservation efforts to bring back the birds and protect them, so that they are there not here only for us, but for our grandchildren and great grandchildren for generation after generation to come.