Zimanga Game Reserve – South Africa


Zimanga Private Game Reserve is a conservation-focused area located in Mkuze, South Africa. This is the first reserve in Africa specifically and luxuriously designed for safari lovers and both amateur and professional photographers. There are many hides on this reserve specifically for wildlife photography, with two of them being for small birds – they are called the bird bath hides and are given the specific names of Mkhombe and Bhejane. There is an additional lagoon hide for larger water birds and a mobile hide just for viewing and photographing bee-eater birds. The hides were built mostly underground with one-way glass so that professional photographers cannot be seen by the animals and birds while bird watching, so as to not disturb them. They are sound-proofed and spacious, equipped with chairs and tripods. While lions, leopards, cheetahs, and elephants are popular and sought-after animals to photograph, there are more than enough bird species to keep bird photographers occupied. More than 80 species have been recorded at Mkhombe reflection hide, where 4 photographers can comfortably sit. This hide has been known to offer viewings of the most diverse species of birds. The Bhejane hide was created to attract birds that are usually in hiding within thicker plant life. Here visitors can see the Pink-throated Twinspot, which is a rare endemic and has a small range in the country. The Lagoon hide makes an easy viewing spot for storks, sandpipers, herons, and more. The Greater Painted Snipe, African Sacred Ibis, Goliath Heron, and Egyptian Goose are other popular birds to see at the Reserve. Owen visited this reserve in September 2015.

Birds found here