Venice Rookery – Florida, USA


The Venice Audubon Society, VAAS, is a chapter of the National Audubon that services Venice, Nokomis, Osprey, North Port, and Englewood, Florida. Founded in 1965, the Venice Area Audubon Society’s purpose is to promote interest and understanding in the environment and wildlife that supports conservation with an emphasis on bird conservation and their habitats.
The VAAS leased the Venice Audubon Center in 2002 from Sarasota County. The Venice Area Audubon Rookery is an all-volunteer project that brings educational programs, field trips, and events to students, birders, and others alike. The Venice Rookery is internationally known to bird photographers and is open to all visitors year around.
The Venice Area Audubon Rookery is in Venice, Florida, an hour south of Tampa, Florida. It is on Annex Road past Anderson Sarasota County Administration Center and the Venice Audubon Center. The Venice Rookery offers a shaded pavilion with benches that allows one to view the Rookery island’s deep lake without obstruction. You can easily walk around the lake and bird watch on all sides of the island. The Sarasota County installed bat houses near the Rookery pond and has brought in Brazilian and Mexican Free-tailed Bats. Bat houses have become a popular evening appeal and are regularly monitored. The best times for bird watching are early mornings and late afternoons.
Owen traveled to the Venice Rookery in February, May, and September of 2003. Owen has photographed Birds of prey, Long-Legged Waders, and Swimmers like Burrowing Owls, Great Egrets, Great Blue Herons, and Anhingas.

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