La Guira National Park – Cuba


La Guira National Park is in the western province of Pinar de Rio in the Sierra de los Organos hills in Cuba.
One might get confused when traveling and visiting La Guira National Park, the gates of the old Hacienda Cortina raises an immediate question: Is this a medieval fortress or a national park? It is the entrance to La Guira National Park. The entrance to the national park is a 2-mile walk along the old property of the Wealthy Lawyer Jose Manuel Cortina, who built this giant park and made his home in its midst of it all in the 1920s.
Restored in 2014, the Hacienda became the entrance to La Guira National Park. The grounds fan out into 54,000 acres of rugged pine-forested land with caverns. La Guira National Park is famous for its caverns.
The National park offers accommodations and services from ranch style restaurants to grills throughout the park for guests to use and grill, horseback riding, birding, museums, cave tours, and many other attractions. You can see over 50 species of birds when visiting La Guira National Park and is considered a hotspot for birding in Cuba.
The stunning Cueva de Los Portales, located on the western edge of the park, once served as Che Guevara’s headquarters during the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. One can hear, listen, and see the Cuban Solitaire within the cavern. La Guira National Park is home to species such as the Cuban Solitaire, Cuban Tody, and the Cuban Pewee.
Owen traveled to La Guira National Park in March of 2019. Owen has photographed many passerines like the Cuban Solitaire, Cuban Green Woodpecker, Western Spindalis, and many others.  

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