Why Awards Matter – And the Birds Are the Winners

Birds constantly surprise me, not just with their beauty, but with their energy, antics, and unexpected moods, many of which I’m thrilled to capture in different photos as showcased in Bringing Back the Birds. This book was created in partnership with American Bird Conservancy and it was an unexpected surprise to recently learn that the book has been recognized with two amazing awards.

A Nautilus award makes bird conservation the true winner

The first, the gold Nautilus Award, is presented to “better books for a better world” and it humbles my heart to think that Bringing Back the Birds is doing what I’d always hoped: raising awareness of birds and encouraging bird conservation. It’s been a great experience to collaborate with the American Bird Conservancy and so many talented writers to share their expertise, concerns about birds, and hopes for the future, and indeed I’m just one member of a great group that brought this book together. That we are all doing our part to support birds and get more people engaged with birds is phenomenal.

Northern Gannets, Blue Heron, Bald Eagle, Lesser Violetear, Yellow Warbler

An award for the creativity of bird photography

The second, the Gold IPPY (Independent Publisher Book Awards) in the Nature category, also recognizes innovation and creativity, and it is creativity we all need to help birds in our changing world. The more people we can get involved in birding and bird watching, the more creativity we can all explore together and the more ideas we’ll have for how to move forward and preserve birds for everyone to enjoy.

For me, these awards are pleasant surprises, but the most rewarding result is that this will help encourage others to be passionate about birds and birding. It’s not about me, and never has been. I’m grateful that I have a gift for capturing birds in ways that can inspire others, and the more people my bird photography can reach, the more people we’ll have to advance awareness about conservation. The last thing I’d ever want is for photos to be the only way people can enjoy birds – it is my hope that Bringing Back the Birds is only the beginning.