Septimo Paraiso Lodge – Ecuador


El Septimo Paraiso Lodge is located in the Mindo valley in Ecuador, 60 miles from Quito. This beautiful country hotel has 23 rooms and is in the middle of the cloud forest, surrounded by all types of wildlife. It is a 100% sustainable ecological lodge, with recycling always taking place and environmentally friendly chemicals and cleaning methods used on the premises. The lodge reforested more than 80 hectares of land and turned it into the cloud forest. There are currently 420 hectares of cloud forest here! Over the years, the area has engaged in conservation efforts and partnered with other organizations to do them. The lodge’s name, Septimo Paraiso, means “seventh heaven” and for most visitors, this is quite accurate, especially for birding. While there are many lodges in the area, this one caters to a specific type of person – one who loves birding. About 342 bird species can be found on the premises. One-third of all of the world’s hummingbirds are in Ecuador, so the lodge has a “Hummingbirds Xtreme” excursion for visitors to explore the hummingbirds of the lodge and even see them feed in feeders. The lodge also offers a “Mindo Xtreme” tour with 8 or more hours of birding a day and covers some of the most amazing birding areas around. In addition to the numerous hummingbirds, visitors can see other beautiful and colorful birds while birding. Among some of them are the Masked Flowerpiercer, Dark-backed Wood-Quail, Crimson-rumped Toucanet, Purple-bibbled Whitetip, Green-crowned Brilliant, and the Violet-tailed Sylph. Owen visited Septimo Paraiso Lodge in September 2012.

Birds found here