Savuti Camp – Botswana


Savuti Camp is located in Linyanti, Botswana, along the Savute channel, a water canal that opens into a large open marsh. The natural cycle causes the water to either flow strongly or recede to reveal grasslands, both of which offer opportunities to see a variety of wildlife. The camp has six large tents to stay in and sleep in and be close to animals for wildlife photography. Visitors can take helicopter rides here, or go on game drives to get close to birds and other large mammals like elephants. This camp is committed to being sustainable and their goal is to conserve and restore Africa’s wildlife. The organization that owns this camp and over 38 others, Wilderness Safaris, describe their camps as luxurious but having a light impact on the environment, to the point where the camps would not leave a trace if they had to be moved. There are anti-poaching operations, eco-clubs are run for children, and the camp employs local members of the community. They are not only interested in visitors seeing the “big 5” game animals but want all visitors to have a life-changing experience. Large mammal populations here have even increased in the last 16 years. The camp is supported by several nonprofit conservation organizations as well. The Wilderness Safaris organization used the African Skimmer bird as a symbol of their commitment to protecting African Wildlife. Owen has photographed a wide variety of birds here, including the Bateleur, African Grey Hornbill, Lilac-breasted Roller, and Malachite Kingfisher. Owen traveled to the camp in September 2016.

Birds found here