Sacha Lodge – Ecuador


Sacha Lodge is a 5,000-acre ecological reserve located in Quito, Ecuador. The area has been in use as a reserve for over twenty years and was opened in 1992. Yet, its history began in the 1970s when its Swiss founder Benny came to Ecuador and rounded up 170 local employees to establish the lodge and reserve deep in the forest, where it would be unharmed by the human population. It has engaged in animal and bird conservation efforts since its inception and has saved the area from deforestation. The lodge itself is a luxury lodge with areas that make viewing wildlife easily accessible without venturing too far, but there is a whole outdoor experience teeming with wildlife. Visitors can enjoy the bridge over the rainforest canopy seeing the wildlife in the trees. The Napo River is also accessible near the lodge. While visitors can see eight species of monkeys, bats, otters, sloths, frogs, snakes, and more – there are also over 600 species of birds! This makes it a top destination for both amateur and experienced birders, and anyone in between who cares about bird conservation – as this is nearly seven percent of all bird species in the world. The lodge is guarded and is poacher-proof, so its wildlife is not afraid of humans. Among some of the fantastic birds that can be encountered here are the Ivory-billed Aracari, Wire-tailed Manakin, Snail Kite, Crested Owl, Green Oropendola, and the Yellow-rumped Cacique. Even casual birders have reported seeing at least 200 species in a single trip. Owen traveled to Sacha Lodge in February 2013.

Birds found here