Sabana de la Mar – Dominican Republic


Sabana de la Mar is in the northeastern part of the Dominican Republic and on the Southern side of Samana Bay. It is a small forgotten fishing town in the Dominican Republic, but it is the gateway to Parque National Los Haitises. This small town is also known as a departure point for the ferry across the bay to Samana. Sabana de la Mar being the gateway to Los Haitises opens the door to some of the best wildlife and bird photography within the Dominican Republic. Los Haitises National Park is one of the Dominican Republic’s largest protected areas. It is home to a variety of rainforests and mangroves. It also contains several different habitats like limestone karst plateau with conical hills, sinkholes, and caverns. It is a key birding site and sanctuary with over 200 species of birds. Its multiple caves are home to some of these species. Endemic species found within the park include the Brown Pelican, Magnificent Frigatebird, Hispaniolan Amazon, Barn Owl, and the Stygian Owl. you can spot swallows resting in pairs against the ceiling of Cueva de la Arena and Herons at Cueva de la Linea. You can spot the Palmchat, the national bird of the Dominican Republic, within the rainforests of Los Haitises. The rainforests within Los Haitises encompass a diversity of flora and fauna like numerous species of fruit and medicinal trees like cupey, cacao, coffee, and guava trees. The village weaver, cattle egrets, and woodpeckers can all be spotted within the rainforest.
Owen traveled to the Dominican Republic in January 2019 and photographed the Broad-billed Tody, Hispaniolan Lizard Cuckoo, Ashy-faced Owl, and many others.

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