Punta Cana – Dominican Republic


The first city to come to mind when thinking of the Dominican Republic is usually Punta Cana. This resort town is located on the southeast side of the country. Its beaches are considered to be some of the most beautiful in the world, touching both the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The habitat around this urban tourist area is mostly comprised of moist forests, lagoons, and mangroves. With so much activity and noise, a lot of the bird species can be found where resorts haven’t been developed yet or where the hotel has set a special place for them to be. Some hotels even have their own bird sanctuaries and provide birding walks through these special parts of the hotel.

Common birds to see are the White Heron (Great Egret), Northern Mockingbird, Caribbean Flamingos, and White Playerito. Even though Owen shot a Ridgway’s Hawk a little further away in the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana is still known to be one of the exclusive places to see the Ridgway’s hawk in action. In the mornings, along the coast, you can easily spot some species of terns and pelicans feeding. In the woods nearby to popular hotel chains, hummingbirds, parrots, and parakeets can be found flying from tree to tree. Another popular birding spot is the Puntacana Ecological Foundation. There are a few trails that attract birds with their tropical fruit. Regardless of the high traffic area over 100 different species of birds have been identified in Punta Cana during the winter migration season, perfect for a bird photographer looking for warmer temperatures.

Owen traveled to Punta Cana in January 2019.

© Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism

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