Pipeline Road – Panama


Pipeline Road is an incredibly well known historical site in Panama and is also a hotspot for birding. During World War II, a service road and petroleum pipeline were created across Panama. It was never used at the time, but it still exists as an entryway as a gravel road through an incredible wildlife reserve and birding area of Panama, It is located just west of a small town called Gamboa, just 40 minutes away from Panama City. It goes right through the middle of Soberania National Park. Pipeline Road is a dream for birding and over 400 different birds are here. A visitor may see up to 85 different species just in one morning while birding. The road boasts the ability to let travelers see at least 15 different species per hour! Even if you don’t see every bird, you’ll surely hear the calls of many more. Because the road is so narrow, you can easily get up close and personal with many birds. In fact, you may even get as close as 2 to 10 meters away from the birds. Despite its renown as a fantastic birding site, during the dry season, there may only be about 10 to 25 people there, which makes for easy bird viewing. This is mainly during the dry season, as most people do not visit here when it is rainy. Owen has photographed the Blue-grey Tanager, Blue Dacnis, Buff-throated Saltator, Crimson-backed Tanager, Green Honeycreeper, and others here. Owen traveled to Pipeline Road in October of 2011 with his friend and guide Carlos Bethancourt.

© Owen Deutsch

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