Mkuze Falls Game Reserve – South Africa


Mkuze Falls Game Reserve is located in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, in the middle of the historic Zululand – right between Kruger National Park and the Zululand Coast. The surrounding area has many other historical sites too. This land used to be a part of the Boer Republic, which was made when pioneer leader Piet Retief bought the land from the half brother of the famous Zulu King Shaka. The reserve has Tamboti forests scattered all over, and the Shembe Mountains surround it. People traveling here can stay in some of the luxury chalets or luxury suite. Staying in the safari lodge suite gives visitors a unique view of the Mkuze River and the waterfall. Visitors can also join in open-vehicle safaris twice a day. It is one of two reserves in this particular region where visitors can view the “Big 5” game animals, making it an attraction for wildlife photography. The Nyala is also here in the highest numbers of any place in the world. The diverse ecosystem, thanks to all of the different habitats, helps many animal species thrive here. In this reserve, there is riverine, wetland, lowveld bushveld, and montane grassland. The wetlands are known to be an excellent spot to view many different types of birds. Roughly 430 different species of birds can be seen here! It is an attraction for amateur and professional photographers to go birding and get the best wildlife photography. There are professionally conducted bird walks with bird checklists given out. Some of the most-seen birds here include the Dark-capped Bulbul, African Paradise Flycatcher, Ring-necked Dove, and colorful birds like Neergaard’s Sunbird, and the Blue Waxbill. Owen traveled to Mkuze Falls in September 2015.

Birds found here