Maumee – Ohio, USA


Maumee, Ohio is an all-American city located ten miles southeast of Toledo, named for the river that runs near it. The area known as Northwest, Ohio is an American birding hotspot. It is called the “Warbler Capital of the World”. It had been said to be one of the best places to see the warbler during spring migration. The southern edge of Lake Erie acts as a barrier that birds don’t want to cross, so they just hang around for some R & R. With the foliage not as lush at that time, it makes photographing these tiny birds a lot easier. There are around 20 species of warblers seen daily in the area during spring migration. Along with warblers, Red-winged Blackbirds, Killdeer, Tree Swallow and Eastern Screen Owls can be found.

Maumee is the host of the “Biggest Week in Birding” annually. This ten-day festival in May is hosted by Black Swamp Bird Observatory and is an attraction for seasoned and novice birders alike. Birders and bird photographers have a long schedule of activities during the festival, such as bird identification seminars, birding excursions, keynote speakers, and evening minglings with food and music. Some local birding spots include the Magee Marsh Boardwalk to see Warblers and other songbirds, Maumee Bay State Park for waterbirds, and Blank Swamp Bird Observation for American Woodcocks and other migrants. These spots are sure to catch the eye of bird photographers that have come from near and far, and even new bird photographers can catch willing subjects along the boardwalk.

Owen traveled to Maumee, Ohio in May 2019.

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