Lime Tree Farm – Jamaica


Lime Tree Farm is in Saint Andrew, Jamaica 3,400 ft above sea level in the Blue Mountains National Park. Though known for its coffee plantation, Lime Tree Farm also stands as an exceptional birding location.
It encompasses a 10-acre property offering 4 unique cottages with breakfast lunch and dinner and as much Blue Mountain Coffee as one can drink! Lime Tree Farm offers a Blue Mountain Coffee tour to their Mavis Bank Coffee Factory where it is known to be the world’s most expensive coffee with exceptionally smooth, and slightly sweet flavoring.
Lime Tree Farm is run and owned by a local couple, Roger and Tifony Bolton. It offers spectacular views, hiking, birding, coffee tours, and more through Jamaica’s diverse mountain forests and it is an all eco-friendly farm. The Blue Mountains contain hidden gems like the Lime Tree Farm, one of three specialty lodging sites in the Blue Mountains. Everything from the development to their property to everything that is planted on the farm, and maintained, has been done by the duo and their team. Tifony and Roger aim to become the best value hotel within the Blue Mountains.
At least 15 of Jamaica’s endemic birds have been spotted on location at the Lime Tree Farm, some even seen from their verandas. They offer exclusive birding tours. Owen Visited Lime Tree Farm in March of 2013 and has photographed passerines from the Jamaican Oriole, White-Chinned Thrush, to the Sad Flycatcher and the Red-billed Streamertail. The Red-billed Streamertail is also known as the Scissors tail hummingbird, it is indigenous to Jamaica.

Birds found here