Lemala Kuria Hills Lodge – Tanzania


Lemala Kuria Hills Lodge is a popular birding and wildlife destination in Wogakuria Hills of the Northern Serengeti in Tanzania. It is in a family of several other lodges within the Lemala Camps. It is close to the Mara River on the Serengeti’s border in close proximity to Maasai Mara, Kenya. This is a tented camp completed in 2013 – with 15 suites, among beautiful rolling hills, interesting large rock formations (known as kopjes), and open woodland – perfect for viewing African wildlife and getting the best wildlife photography. Don’t be fooled by the luxury aspect of this destination – while it has managers, security, luxurious amenities, and great privacy with a higher-end price tag, it is actually a top African spot for seeing wildlife out in the open. While this lodge is famous for being able to view the well-known wildebeest migration from July to October, it is also an incredible place for bird watching and seeing some of Africa’s most unique and colorful birds thriving in their most optimal environment, making wildlife photography an enjoyable pastime here. While many visitors go to the Lemala Camps for the lions, elephants, rhinos, cheetahs, hyenas, and other popular African mammals that are bountifully scattered across the open plains, there are hundreds of birds present on the property, too. Among the birds that make their home here are the African Green Pigeon, African Grey Hornbill, Bateleur, Black-bellied Bustard, Common Ostrich, Violet-backed Starling, and Lilac-breasted Roller. Many of these can only be seen on the African continent. Owen visited the Lemala Kuria Hills Lodge in October 2017.

Birds found here