Lake Geneva – Wisconsin, USA


Lake Geneva is a resort city in southeastern Wisconsin, with a lakeshore path filled with Gilded Age mansions, most of which were built by wealthy Chicagoans. The path was created by early settlers of the area. Lake Geneva was originally called “Maunk-suck” meaning “Big Foot,” named for a Potawatomi chief. The city has been noted for several things, such as the old Playboy resort built by Hugh Hefner, and a recording studio many well-known artists recorded their albums. The city is a unique tourist destination on Geneva Lake filled with activities for all seasons. There are award-winning restaurants, spas, luxury shops, and activities like zip-lining, concerts, and parades.

There is a wide variety of parks and trails here, and while they are an attraction for visitors who love the outdoors, it also makes this area home to various types of wildlife. In particular, there are state parks and nature areas, and conservancies that allow for breathtaking nature photography and birding. Lake Geneva’s community has made efforts to protect and monitor birds, including the Purple Martin Project, which began in 2018. This project has volunteers checking on six Purple Martin houses and recording activity from the birds such as nesting and fledging. There are many popular midwest birds that can be found here, and Owen has photographed Barn Swallows, the American Coot, the Purple Martin, Swan Geese, Brown-headed Cowbirds, and tree-clinging birds such as the Red-headed Woodpecker and Red-shafted Flicker.

Owen has been to Lake Geneva many times since 2011.

Birds found here