Jorupe Reserve – Ecuador


The Jorupe Reserve is located close to the border of Peru and Ecuador, near Macará city. This relatively small reserve is only two square miles but protects important endangered birds and vegetation only found in the Tumbesian dry forest. Many birders and nature photographers think of this region as a hidden gem. The forest is considered dry because of the Ceiba trees that inhabit the region. The birds and animals have a hard time hiding because of the lack of foliage on these trees during the dry season. This is a big opportunity for nature photographers and ornithologists to see the Masked Flowerpiercer, Purple-throated Sunangel, White-tailed Jay, and the often hard to find, Watkin’s Antpitta. In January, when the season shifts to being wetter, the striking yellow Guayacanes blooms and creates a whole new landscape for other birds to thrive. Since January is nesting season, you have the opportunity to see many different kinds of nests.

In addition to birds, the Guayaquil Squirrel is native to the area. This squirrel is larger than ones we typically see, standing at one foot tall. Fun fact: squirrels are not as common to South America as they are in the states. About a half an hour drive from the reserve is the Urraca Lodge. This small lodge has three trails giving visitors amazing access to some of the popular species of birds in the area. These trails are relatively easy to maneuver and cater to the casual to experienced hikers and birders.

Owen traveled to Jorupe Reserve in April 2014.

Birds found here