Intaka Island – South Africa


Intaka Island is a national reserve made up of three islands that are located in Cape Town, South Africa. The development of this 250-hectare area began in 2006 after a large number of waterbirds began using the vegetation in the area as a breeding place. The reserve features an Environmental Education Centre with a wide range of sustainability exhibits and can hold up to 75 people at one time.

There are 7 different habitat types here, including fynbos, shrubs, and grasses. This allows for a wide variety of birds to make their home in this area. There are approximately 120 different bird species that can be seen at this reserve. Many birds here utilize the man-made heronries (breeding areas and structures), and these heronries have even been recognized internationally for how well they attract waterbirds to breed and roost. They were created as naturally as possible, with no decoys being used. There are also two constructed bird hides, specifically created for birders and nature photographers to get up close and personal with the birds here – even the elusive ones. They are a favorite destination for birders at sunrise. Visitors can also visit Bird Mountain here, which overlooks much of the island and where all the bird activities can be seen at the man-made heronries. It is at the highest point of Intaka Island. Owen has photographed the African Darter, Little Bittern, Southern Red Bishop, Southern Masked Weaver, and many more birds at Intaka Island. He traveled here in September 2015.

Birds found here