Île aux Perroquets – Canada


The Île aux Perroquets is an islet, which is a small island with little vegetation that cannot truly support a large human population for the long term. However, it is a unique place to visit and explore for a short time. It is located in Quebec, Canada, right near the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The Corporation de l’Île aux Perroquets was founded in 2010 and protects the lighthouse station on the island. Thanks to their work, this island has been restored after nearly 30 years of neglect. The island has an interesting history. A lighthouse was built on this island in 1888 after five huge shipwrecks happened in the area. Visitors here can have the unique experience of actually staying in the lighthouse keeper’s home. Upon arriving, at first glance of the island, anyone can see how small it is, and all of its limits. But it still makes for an incredible place for bird watching. Seabirds are plentiful in number here. The most popular attraction at this islet is the population of Atlantic Puffins. It is an important bird watching and protected area that is home to colonies of terns, razorbills, and black guillemots. However, bird watchers are strongly urged to keep their distance from the birds, as coming too close can have a negative impact on them – the birds may flee from their own eggs in fear. But, photographers can still get great photos if they bring the right lens! Owen visited this island in August 2019.

Birds found here