Cabo Rojo – Dominican Republic


Cabo Rojo is situated on the southwest coast of the Dominican Republic. It is mostly known for its port catering to the mining industry and beautiful sandy beaches. The land you walk on is literally red from the Bauxite being mined nearby mixing with the sand. With its large selection of birds and surrounding beauty, it has become a hot spot for bird photographers worldwide. These beaches span 8 kilometers and provide ample tranquil nature scenery for bird photographers. This well-known birding hub is a destination for shorebirds, terns, and herons along with neotropical migrant warblers, such as the Yellow Warbler and Golden Warbler. These warblers are commonly found in the Mangroves near lagoons and marshy ponds. During migration periods, the Black Poll Warblers are seen in large droves. Be sure to check out the various lagoons in the area where land and shorebirds can always be spotted. The waters are also home to some of the best-preserved coral reefs in the Caribbean.

These beaches stretch to another popular birding area nearby, the rest of Pedernales Province. This land’s remote nature attracts many birds looking for a quiet place to nest or just stopover during migration. Cabo Rojo and Pedernales Province see roughly 130 species of birds found here throughout the year. 76 bird species live permanently on the bay, 10 species are endemic and 47 are migrants. A few other species Owen captured are the Royal Tern, Hispaniolan Palm Crow, Hispaniolan Oriole, and Magnificent Frigatebird.

Owen traveled to Cabo Rojo in January 2019.

Birds found here