Angama Mara Lodge – Kenya


Angama Mara Lodge is a luxury lodge located in Suswa Mara Triangle, Kenya. Its name is inspired by the Swahili word for “suspended in mid-air” because it is located very high up over the floor of Africa’s Great Rift Valley. This lodge is focused on hospitality and being welcoming, and it offers a unique experience of floating over the Maasai Mara (perhaps the best game reserve in the world) in a hot air balloon. Here visitors can choose one of 15 tents in 2 different camps (each camp has 15). Every tent has a 180-degree view of the Maasai Mara below. The lodge is one of many in Africa where you can view the Great Migration of two million wildebeest from July to October. Many awards have been granted to this lodge over the years, including “Best Resort in Africa” in 2018, as this is one of the main African lodges noted for its comfortable and luxurious experiences. While there is a plentiful selection of mammals to be seen, there are also more than 450 bird species here, with at least 60 of them being birds of prey! The endangered Grey-crowned Crane, Usambiro Barbet, some critically endangered birds like the Hooded Vulture and White-backed Vulture, Superb Starling, and Spectacled Weaver are some of the main bird attractions here. Most African lodges and reserves are known for their bird conservation efforts and being a dwelling place for endangered birds, and this one is no exception. Owen visited Angama Mara Lodge in October 2019.

Birds found here