North Pond – Illinois, USA


First designed by Swain Nelson and Olaf Benson in the late 1800s, The North Pond Nature Sanctuary is a 15-acre sanctuary that is in Chicago, Illinois. It is between Fullerton and Diversey Parkways, and Stockton and Cannon Drives. It is owned and managed by the Chicago Park district but maintained and programed by the Lincoln Park Conservancy.

The North Pond Nature Sanctuary was rehabilitated by the Chicago Park District and the Lincoln Park Conservancy in 1999. The city of Chicago and the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service jointly signed an Urban Conservation Treaty for migratory birds in 2000. It lays on top of what used to be dunes and marshes belonging to Lake Michigan’s original shoreline. It is now going under another restoration plan to revitalize the North Pond and it’s 36-acre surrounding its area. The North Pond has been a popular location for tourists, the community, migratory birds, and other wildlife for 130 years, but it is now in danger. It is a dying ecosystem and is slowly converting to a wetland.

The North Pond today has over 150 plant species and attracts 220 plus bird species. Due to its proximity to Lake Michigan, it is a well-traveled flyway for migratory wildlife. You can see various species of waterfowl, songbirds, butterflies, turtles, and other small mammals. But if nothing is done to revitalize this land, it soon can disappear. Visit and see how you can help save the North pond and their efforts to restore the land.

Owen continues to photograph today at the North Pond and has photographed over 40 species of birds here, such as the Northern Cardinal, Green Heron, Yellow-rumped Warbler, Marsh Wren, and many more.

© Owen Deutsch

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