Best of 2019

American Flamingo

The American Flamingo is one of the most colorful birds an ornithologist could hope to spot while bird watching.

American Goldfinch

Not to be confused with the yellow warbler, the American Goldfinch is the state bird of New Jersey, Iowa, and Washington. Adult males are the most colorful birds of the species, and can be found in the Magic Hedge, a favorite spot for Chicago photography.
This adult female American Goldfinch is less colorful than her male counterpart. Her bird call and bird sounds are easily recognizable by ornithologists while bird watching.

Atlantic Puffins

The American Bird Conservancy recognizes Atlantic Puffins as a vulnerable population, and bird conservation is necessary to bring up their numbers before they become an endangered species of birds.

Baglafecht Weaver

The Baglafecht Weaver is a passerine bird, which means its feet are adapted for perching. Birds in such a state are often easier for a nature photographer to capture than flying bird images.

Bee Hummingbird

The Bee Hummingbird is the smallest species of bird on Earth! This Cuba native falls into the passerine category of perching birds. While not yet an endangered bird, the American Bird Conservancy lists Bee Hummingbirds as near threatened.

Cuban Tody

The Cuban Tody is our August 2020 bird of the month, featured on our home page as the month’s best in bird photography.

Golden Warbler

The Golden Warbler is a cousin of the Yellow Warbler. This adult male passerine is native to the Dominican Republic.

Prairie Warbler

Another of the Yellow Warbler’s cousins, the Prairie Warbler is a passerine with a beautiful bird song. All of the warblers, in fact, can be considered singing birds.

Variable Sunbird

The Variable Sunbird is considered a treat for an ornithologist to spot due to it’s metallic coloring. This colorful bird was captured by nature photographer Owen Deutsch in Rwanda.

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