Sedona – Arizona, USA


Sedona is a desert town North of Phoenix, Arizona. It is surrounded by Canyon walls, pine forests, and red-rock buttes. It is known for its red sandstone formations. Sedona is less than 30 minutes from Verde River, making it a prime birding location and hotspot. Verde River is the central point for many of the parks and reserves within the Sedona region. Slide Rock State Park, Sedona Wetland Preserve, Red Rock State Park, and the Verde River Greenway are all in the Verde River valley and around the Sedona region that offers some of the best bird watching in Sedona. The Slide Rock State Park is home to 140 species of birds and one of the foremost wildlife spotting destinations in the United States. One can spot the Golden Eagle all year round, though the Osprey during the spring and fall which is a rare sight. If one is looking for waterbirds while in Sedona, the Sedona Wetlands Preserve is famous for its waterbirds. It is 27 acres and located around 3 water basins. You can spot the Cinnamon Teal, American Pipit, Common Yellowthroat, Marsh Wren, and Various species of Gull and Sandpipers. There are dedicated trails of the Verde River Greenway that every birder needs to do when traveling within the Sedona area. The greenway is home to hummingbirds, flycatchers, 9 different woodpeckers, and water birds like the Canada Goose, Northern Pintail, and Shoveler. Though other rare species of hummingbirds like the Rufous Hummingbird pass through the Red Rock State Park during migration. The Red Rock State Park encompasses 286 acres and occupies a part of the Oak Creek Canyon. Red Rock State Park produces some of the best wildlife photography and is popular among professional photographers. Owen traveled to Sedona in 2008 and has photographed the Eastern Bluebird, Sora Rail, and many others.

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