Beautiful Birds Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before – On Your TV Screensaver

Do you want to bring a peaceful ambiance and touch of stunning nature right into your home? The new Beautiful Birds TV screensaver is now available free for Roku, Amazon Fire, and Android Devices!

These are some of my favorite pictures of my beautiful birds, with all their glorious colors, postures, behaviors, and habitats intact. The screensaver features more than 150 photos of beautiful birds from around the world, and more photos will be regularly added or changed to keep the experience new and fresh for viewers. I want every picture to be a surprise, to wow viewers and engage them with the birds.

Make the Birds Your Own

Viewers can engage with the screensaver itself to adjust settings as they prefer, including turning discreet bird name captions on or off, changing the interval between photos, or adjusting the order in which birds appear to showcase the newest photos first or for a more random display. This will keep the screensaver fresh and vibrant with every viewing. Depending on each television, of course, the photo quality and color is exceptional and extraordinary details pop out on every bird.

Beautiful Birds in Your Home

Getting out in nature can be such a refreshing, meditative experience, which is so critical for our mental health and well-being. This is especially true now, not only in winter, but when lockdowns and travel restrictions continue to be a part of the coronavirus pandemic. Viewers don’t have to wait to see birds, however, because Beautiful Birds can come right to their home with peace and beauty in every photo, whenever they want.

Protecting the Birds

I’ve chosen each photo for the screensaver deliberately because they represent some of my most beautiful shots, and I’m eager to expand the screensaver with even more amazing birds. Some are familiar species while others are more exotic, but each bird in the screensaver has a purpose – to introduce viewers to more birds, to help them see the beauty of different species, and to engage everyone with the natural world that is so vital for us to protect. The more we protect birds, the more we will be able to see them, enjoy them, and learn from them, not just on a screensaver, but when we can all be out in nature ourselves again, making more beautiful bird photos that are all our own.

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Download Beautiful Birds today and enjoy every bird on your television!